dimanche 13 janvier 2013

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Unlock Codes Processed & Emailed 24 hrs a day 7 days a week. Our Automated System delivers Fast and Accurate Results

Our automated system will process your order and send your cell unlock code via email for fastest results. We guarantee 100% that no one will be faster and have a lower price than Cellunlocker.net. We are the leading #1 Phone Unlocking company in the industry today.

Free your device from your carrier with our Cell unlock codes!

Do you want to switch network providers but not buy a new phone? Going on vacation and want to use a local GSM SIM card with your phone? Selling your old device? You’ve certainly come to the right place!

Please make sure the network you are trying to use your unlocked phone on is a GSM carrier. Otherwise it may not be compatible with your unlocked phone. Please check with us first if you are not sure.

Cell Unlock your phone to use on GSM networks across the World!

We offer the easiest way to unlock your device, via remote IMEI unlock code. All we need to know is your IMEI number (press *#06# on your device), network lock and model. That’s it! No cables or taking your phone apart!
We have generated thousands and thousands of Cell unlock codes for cellular devices for the past 8 years. Our cell unlock codes are personalized to your device and are 100% guaranteed to work or your money back*.


We provide your personal unlock codes and easy to follow instructions.
Still not sure how to unlock your device?
Don’t worry. Our highly trained customer support team is available to guide you through the process via e-mail or telephone. (9am-5pm Pacific Time)

Are you a store owner? Do you need many unlock codes?

No problem! If you need special pricing for bulk orders please contact us and let us know. We understand that pricing and speed of code delivery is important to your business. We have very competitive pricing for those working in the mobile/cellular industry. Please contact us regarding wholesale/bulk pricing for Cell Unlock Codes.
Bulk Cell Unlock Codes for HTC, Samsung, Motorola, iPhone and more!

Why you should purchase with us?

  • - We are a registered business
  • - Lowest price on the internet
  • - Fastest Turnaround time
  • - Exceptional customer support!
  • - Easy to follow instructions
  • - 100% Guaranteed or your money back!

    We can Unlock 99% of Networks

    • We can unlock most GSM Carriers cross the world. Whether you are trying to unlock a phone in North America, Europe, Australia, Asia, South America and over 180 Countries in the World, if we can’t do it, most likely no one else can. We provide the largest database of accurate Unlock Codes and Unlocking solutions in the World today. We can even unlock the phones which Service Providers claim cannot be unlocked.

  • Satisfied or refunded

  • If you change your mind or if it takes longer than we told you you get 100% refunded.

  • Our method guarantees that your phone will not be relocked. We also support blacklisted devices for some networks. Please contact us to have for infos about this service.
    • We support all the latest device :
    • iPhone 5, Galaxy SIII and all the latest device are supported.

Contact Us at : dove.bansard@gmail.com to process your order we will send you a paypal invoice to let you know if everything is fine.

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  1. Thanks for the quick service. All I had to do was plug in my Thai sim into my ATT phone, and within a minute, I was connected to T-Mobile and getting messages from my Thai carrier welcoming me to the US and telling me what the roaming charges would be.

  2. Happy to help you !
    Hope to see you soon !